Welcome to my other persona, Gina Blake.

I haven’t been writing erotica very long. It began when I had an erotic dream (not a common occurrence I might add) and wondered whether there might be a story in it. As it turned out there was a trilogy in it. After that was published (unfortunately that publisher went bust but I have resubmitted elsewhere) I began to get more and more ideas and presto, I now write short erotic stories when the mood takes me. So if you like something a little naughty but nice, pull up a chair, pour your favourite beverage, settle down and enjoy. There are more short stories in the pipeline, so be sure to check back later for further tempting tasties. 

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~ Gina
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The Good Neighbor

It’s Saturday night and the only action Mia Daniels has to look forward to is watching her neighbors having fun through binoculars. When she spies the sexy hunk she’s been crushing on pleasuring himself, there’s only one thing to do—”borrow some sugar.”

Will he give her what she asks for or what she wants?

    Warning! Contains: Voyeurism, exhibitionism, dirty talk, and hokey dialog that will have you laughing out loud!
(Cocktails and Books ~Goodreads Review)

    ... a short erotic read that is hot and it just hits the spot.
(Crystal ~ Goodreads Review)

Available through The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.com
Moonlight Madness

Burned-out executive Matthew Turner is more than ready for some R & R at a rented cabin on a solitary beach. The only thing missing is the woman of his dreams, though he doubts the kind of woman he wants really exists. Until she shows up on the moonlit shore—mysterious, beautiful, naked, and more than willing to make all his fantasies come true.

Marina has yearned for a man like Matthew. Now that she has him, she has one chance to prove herself, and she'll do whatever it takes to bring him pleasure. Besides, his pleasure is her pleasure. But can she convince him to believe in the magic between them, or will he chalk up their encounter to a little moonlight madness?

   Readers looking for a steamy, quick read might enjoy this naughty tale.
(Long and Short Reviews)

Available through The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.com
The Boss’ Temp-tation

In little over an hour, Mark Stevens is going to lose his company in a hostile takeover. Life looks shitty until the luscious young temp from the typing pool steps into his office.

He never thought Maddie Harper would be interested in an older man. But here she is, locking the door, sliding the key into her cleavage, and daring him to go for it.

Maybe a little treasure hunting is what he needs to take his mind off his problems.

Available through The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.com

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