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~ Jean
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some of Jean's favorite sites
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Guest Book

Hello, Jean!  Sorry 's been so long since I last got in touch.  I've been amazingly busy it seems like forever.  My biggest news is that I retired from teaching this past June, and I find that I'm probably busier than I was when I was working full time.  Laurie C. Kuna

Jean. What an amazing ray of talent you have.Your page is beautiful, your inspirations have inspired me to do more and your book covers a tasty!! Now I am going to find your publications and read them.  Crystal.

hun,  Luuuv the site. Will ring.   Hilary

Hi Jean,  I finally got caught up with everything and had a chance to check out your website.  I love the color scheme, it's beautiful.  Denise

Hi Jean,  Just checkin' out your Web site. Very nice!  Best,  Kelly

Looks great, girl. Good job.  Mary Marvella

Hi Jean,  it's a gorgeous web site, great colours - and I can almost smell those lovely frangipani flowers.  Julie McKechnie

Jean,  Congratulations on a beautiful website.  I LOVED your story 'The Lotus Pool'.  keep up the great work.  Best wishes,  Liz Heywood

Congratulaions on the launch of your website. it's tuly beautiful and conveys the spirit of your writing.  I'm looking forward to reading your book!   Kiki

Congratulations on the website - and on the reason for needing one!  Cyber champagne of the best vintage for you.  Clare

Lovely job. I'll enjoy keeping track of you.  Mary Marvella

Great website Jean.  Pat Snellgrove

Your site really pops.  Love your advice on query letters and following your dreams.  It's inspiration with a hoot.  Sylvia Rochester

Looks fantastic, I love the color and the information you've included.  Okay, I want to come to New Zealand!  Donnell Bell

Fab site!!!!   Sally

What a great site!   Alison van V.

Hi Jean  All i can say is WOW What a fantastic web site.  Jenny Peace

Beautiful site, Jean!   Rachel

Hey Jean! Beautiful site, babe.   Nalini Singh
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